Author, screenwriter, student of quantum physics, mystic, musician and artist, Ave resonates with the spectrum of pure inspiration. A true renaissance woman and facilitator of THE RECONNECTION frequency healing, she defies the box of any one definition or brand, and is an adventurer of the world at large, the worlds within, and the multidimensional aspect of all life.



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During the living of this book, before she was directed to publish the experience, Ave had not heard of quantum mechanics or the concept of ‘alternate universes’. With an open mind and adventurous spirit, Ave experienced while on vacation, the blasting open of a portal door. The effect from this blast resulted in the complete energetic integration with a being who’s previous, infamous life came to her. They became one for the purpose of healing and communicating a vital message. Through this integration, Ave herself experienced a healing that was beyond any expectation for her own life.


The Che Diaries



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