Mind and Spirit

The health and joy of life depends on nourishing all the aspects of our being.
Body, mind AND spirit.  

These aspects are interconnected and balance between all three,
in awareness, utilization and nourishment, is to live a life that is consistently
more joyous and expansive even when life circumstances on the outside present
challenges and upheavals.  Knowing the outer challenges and upheavals contribute to our growth and expansion helps in accepting rather than saying "why me" - basically, "shit happens" to every human on the planet at regular intervals.

With the spirit side of things comes our emotional field, which is actually an indicator system telling us how aligned our out of line we are with our Source being, our spirit.
If we're depressed and miserable or experiencing a host of emotions of this lower vibration, we are being shown that we are not living and thinking thoughts that resonate with our higher self.

Living in resonance with our higher selves, the Source of our being is like the tides - we
can't be 'high' on life ALL the time, but are aware when we have a low-tide - and allow that
to be part of the flow that is our lives.  There is an art to this.  We are always connected to our Source, but sometimes we feel disconnected from it and go off into the swamps of our emotions without realizing the emotions are indicators, like the gauges on the dashboard of our cars.

We all have the intuitive sense, which is the zone we have access to that is always in alignment with our Source.  Some folks have a more developed sense and awareness of this and utilize this part of ourselves, others ignore it and run only off their logic and other five senses.  A keen sense of intuition takes being aware of it, listening to that soft voice that directs, re-directs and warns us of dangers or inspires us to expand.  It's never too late to acknowledge and practice listening to and using our intuitive sense.