Nourish The Body

Eating Healthy

It's way simpler than many seem to think. Here's the SIMPLE EATING for HEALTH list:

Read labels of packaged foods. 

If you can't pronounce it, DON'T EAT IT!

Was it organically grown or grown with pesticides and other chemicals you wouldn't put in your smoothie?

If it has ARTIFICIAL FLAVORS & PRESERVATIVES - don't eat or drink it!

Take a cooler of healthy foods with you on trips rather than stop at fast food joints. (It's a little more work, but hey, you & your kids are WORTH IT!)

If it was GENETICALLY MODIFIED, don't eat it: It's easy to find out what are the most common genetically modified foods and the effects on your body or your child's growing body. If you took the time to do this, you'd be shocked at the effects. Soy, corn & tomatoes are some of the major GMO foods.

Realize eating organically is not an old hippy movement thing, it used to be the only way people ate before the chemical companies started being in charge of food and seed production and turned it into big business at the expense of the entire well being of all humans!!! It's become a big political, corporate entity about making shareholders rich and has nothing to do with having a healthy population. 

But we STILL HAVE A CHOICE: BUY LOCAL, BUY ORGANIC, LIMIT PACKAGED FOODS, READ LABELS, DO THE SIMPLE RESEARCH ONLINE to learn where your food comes from, what old fashioned trusted companies are now owned by the chemical companies.

You can't live a life of your dreams if you are not living inside a healthy body.