Ave's friendship with the written word became her companion throughout life.  It was in her notebooks she could express her hopes, dreams and prayers when she met with heartache and challenges that required her innermost awareness to resolve.  On the blank page she could chart the milestones of her growing daughters, as there was no family to share the joy of those moments.

With a child's dream of figure skating and since childhood a naturally talented illustrator and painter, her parents instead insisted she learn to type and play the violin.  After a car crash disabled her hands, typing was the only way to express herself, as holding a pen, paint brush or instrument were temporarily lost to her.

With a lifetime detailed in journals, Ave was able to draw on her writing of the mind expanding experience that shook her to the core when she was in Argentina, shifting the course of her life.  Writing the journey of this ongoing event saved her life. She had no intention to make this personal transformation into a book for everyone to read!

Eventually 'directed' to publish the experience, she "became a vessel" through which this information came into the world.  "Writing is a form of healing, introspection and releasing," notes Ave (and other well known healers and authors).  "There are several books waiting to 'come through' with the stories already written in my journals."  

"I encourage everyone to write, as it leaves a priceless legacy for future generations to know in detail, the life of an ancestor."  The key is to write like no one will ever read them. Through this practice, the gift has been passed to both her daughters and her granddaughters. "Writing enriches life and expands the soul.  "Never burn your journals which some advise for 'cleansing' - the act of writing IS the cleansing.  Journals are a priceless treasure!"

The Writing Journey

"The Che Diaries: Notes On A Multidimensional Love Story"
By Ave Guevara